Please find below all the required documentation listed for download for importing Car, Bikes, Trailers, Motorhomes and Caravans.


Import approval Form Download

Is required for all imported Vehicles / Bikes prior to 1989 or Off Road or Race Vehicles only. Submit this form direct to DOTARS when you have purchased your vehicle, to avoid any delays Import Approvals allow 15 working days for approval. All Vehicles and Bikes 1989 to current year , Import Approval must be lodged through a Registered Automotive Workshop. Which also is also known as a RAW .

Insurance Flyer Download

All Insurance enquiries are to go direct to Piranha Insurance, and they will cover your vehicle during shipping. Their details are enclosed on the form.

Vehicle Shipping Forms Download

Must be completed and returned to Californian Image in order to log your vehicle in for our very next shipment . Please also send back you SED form and bill of sale .

Motorcycle Shipping Forms Download

Must be Completed and returned to Californian Image in order to log your bike in for our very next shipment. Please read the Motorcycle information Sheet for documentation required.

Freight Shipping forms Download

Must be completed and returned to Californian Image along with your invoice to help keep track of your freight All freight gets loaded into the next available container with space permitting.

Motor vehicle process checklist Download

boat & trailer process checklist Download

Motorcycle process checklist Download

motor-home & caravan process checklist Download

Trailer process checklist Download

Shippers Export Declaration Download

This form is Mandatory to clear your goods through US Customs, it must have Buyers and Sellers Information on it and the details of what you have bought. Please send this form to your seller and have them complete there part of the form, as well as there ID number.

Shippers Export Declaration Download

Motorbike Compliance List Download

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